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    NovuStone Hand Crafted Stone Surfaces
    NovuStone is a Pacific Northwest custom fabrication company dedicated to the creation and installation of hand crafted stone. They use locally harvested sustainable materials to produce lasting surfaces of recycled content. NovuStone is proud to make a difference in the community by providing a product for buyers who feel strongly about our environment and have a passion for one of a kind installations.

    » Lasting Aesthetic
    NovuStone™ comes in a variety of colors and patterns depending upon the recycled glass and various pigments utilized. Their base material is a proprietary blend of minerals that they use in place of a material like Portland cement. Moisture in the form of water vapor reacts with Portland cement over time to produce calcium compounds, which can cloud the pigment particles and cause the slab to lose its original color saturation. The mineral base they use does not produce the same reaction, NovuStone captures the brightest and most vibrant pigments available to allow the consumer the widest choices possible in color selection without fear of fading even when used for exterior applications.

    » Resource Conservation
    NovuStone™ has less impact on the environment than both quarry sourced and resin based stone. They not only put materials back into use, they make recycling programs more economically viable for the community. The slabs consist of approximately 75% recycled content, of which 100% can be post consumer glass. They do their best to stay local by sourcing 75% of product from within a 50-mile radius of the manufacturing facility. Additionally, the manufacturing process does not require energy-intensive techniques like steam or pressure curing. This greatly reduces the carbon output associated with shipping and manufacturing stone materials. Even the finished product takes less energy to ship than both natural stone and quartz-based composite stone, as NovuStone™ is approximately one third less the weight of these materials. They also pour your slabs to size, further reducing energy expenditure by cutting down excess material.