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Dark Raw Tung Oil
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     Pure Tung Oil is a finishing product that provides a tough, flexible and highly water-resistant coating. It is classed as a drying oil along with linseed, poppy seed, safflower seed, walnut, soybean, oiticica and a few other oils. Although it is relatively new to the Western world, tung oil has been known for centuries to the Chinese, and until this century, China was the main source for the oil. It comes from the seed of the tung trees, Aleurites fordii and Aleurites montana, deciduous trees that are very susceptible to frost damage. This vulnerability has restricted the cultivation of the tung trees to China and South America. Tung oil received wide application in China: in the building trades as a treatment for both stone and wooden structures; in marine trades as a preservative and water repellant on wooden boats. It is said to have been introduced to the West by Marco Polo. From the 13th to the 19th century, tung oil had only limited use in the West. In the 19th century it was adopted by the paint companies to become a major component in paints and varnishes. More recently, tung oil has gained favour over linseed oil for furniture finishing because it is faster drying and does not darken as much with age.


    • Naturally polymerizing finish
    • Cures by oxidation not evaporation
    • Does not form a glossy finish no matter the number of coats
    • Form a flexible water proof finish
    • Resists abrasion and acids
    • Does not blister and peel (properly applied)
    • Does not mold like linseed oil
    • Long shelf life
    • Does not darken with time like linseed oil
    • Concentrated (thin one to one, doubles the coverage)
    • Combined with "Citrus Solvent" makes an all natural finish
    • FDA approved for food contact

    PROPERTIES AND CHARACTERISTICS:  The same as our Pure Tung Oil except that we have added a non-toxic naturally occurring resinous hydrocarbon for color. The resin is non-carcinogenic and does not contain any PCB's. Dark Raw Tung Oil is water and alkali resistant. It resists marring, penetrates well, is elastic and unlikely to check. Dark Raw Tung Oil builds quickly, consolidates the wood surface and builds a dark matte finish. It should be kept in an airtight container with minimum air space.

    The application is the same as our Pure Tung Oil. Dark Raw Tung Oil will give your work an instant antique water-resistant coating. It can be worked into the cracks and corners much like a glaze, giving the appearance of an old surface and patina. Dark Raw Tung Oil can be thinned 50% with Citrus Solvent, mineral spirits, turpentine or naphtha, which will improve penetration and drying time. The surface should be dusted to remove all loose particles. Alternatively, you can lightly sand the first coat before applying a second. Any filling or staining (water or alcohol stains work best) must be done before the oil is applied. The first coat should be a liberal one, and you can rub it over the wood with your hand using a soft rag. Allow this application to sit for 40 minutes so the oil can soak in. If it completely soaks in then apply another coat until the surface is saturated. After 40 minutes, remove any excess with clean soft rags. Check after about half an hour for any seeping, and rub this off as well. Let dry completely 24 hours between applications. Do not allow standing or puddles of oil to remain over night, these must be wiped away with rags. For dense hardwoods a solution of two parts Citrus Solvent to one part oil may be beneficial. Dark Raw Tung Oil will take 7 to 10 days for a minimum cure and 15 to 30 days for a full cure.

    Dark Raw Tung Oil can be applied pure or with Citrus Solvent added if a non-toxic finish is required. Thinners can accelerate the drying process and greatly improve the penetration by cutting the first coat of oil with Citrus Solvent, mineral spirits or turpentine by 50%. Remember by adding mineral spirits or turpentine, Pure Tung Oil becomes toxic with these substances mixed into it, although the finish produced is not toxic because the driers evaporate.

    The number of coats of oil to be applied will be determined by the intended use of the piece. Two to four coats are enough for decorative work, paneling and moulding. Surfaces that receive moderate to heavy use or handling could need up to six coats for maximum protection, plus a light renewal coat a couple of times a year. Apply till the surface reaches the saturation point. This will be evident as the surface will not absorb more oil.  Renewal and building coats are quickly applied with cheese cloth, a lint free cloth or old nylon stockings. This process will give you a surface that will stand up to vigorous use and spills: water will bead on the surface.

    Dark Raw Tung Oil is recommended for kitchen tables, chopping blocks and boards, and similar uses. Its non-toxic nature makes it particularly appropriate for children's toys and furniture. It gives good protection to wood panelling and moulding.

    Dark Raw Tung Oil's matte finish will do nicely on certain pieces of furniture, but if a glossy finish is preferred you will need to buff and wax the finish, or use polymerized tung oil or a formulated tung oil based product.

    We have found tung oil to be a valuable helper in the workshop. It adheres very well to metal, and a light coat rubbed onto tool steel is an effective rust inhibitor. Wooden handles will also benefit from the occasional coat.

    TIPS:  If you find Dark Raw Tung Oil to be too dark, just mix with Pure Tung Oil to get the color you desire. With each application of Dark Raw Tung Oil your project may get darker. If you have achieved the color you want with your first coat, but would like more protection, just apply Pure Tung Oil for remaining coats. Let dry completely between coats 24-48 hours or until you see a consistent even sheen.

    Keep containers tightly closed away from extreme temperature changes and open flames. As with all oils, rags, steel wool or waste soaked with oil, may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Immediately after use, place the oil soaked material in a sealed water-filled metal container or hang outside separately to dry.


    Material Safety Data Sheet for Dark Tung Oil

    Distributed by:
    The Real Milk Paint Co.
    11 West Pumping Station Road
    Quakertown, PA 18951
    Phone: 215-538-3886
    Fax: 215-538-5435

    24 Hour Emergency Phone: Chem-Tel Inc. 800-255-3924

    Section 1. - Identification:


    CAS NUMBER: 8001-20-5
    CAS NUMBER: 12002-43-6

    Section 2. – Hazardous Ingredients:

    Raw tung oil is not a hazardous material under current dept of labor definitions. A naturally occuring dark brown solid resinous hydrocarbon which is non-toxic.

    Section 3. – Physical Data:

    Boiling Range: N/A
    Vapor Density Heavier than Air
    Percent Volatile by Volume: N/A
    Weight per Gallon:  Approximately 7.5 lbs.
    Appearance:   Dark Brown Transparent Liquid - Amber to Light Brown
    Specific Gravity @25°C: 0.933 – 0.938

    Section 4. – Fire and Explosion Hazard Data:

    Flammability Classifications: DOT - Not Regulated
    Flash Point: ABOVE 250 DEG F
    Extinguishing Media: Sand
    Unusual Fire & Explosion Hazards:  Keep containers tightly closed, Isolate from heat, electrical equipment, sparks and open flame. As with all vegetable oils, rags, steel wool or waste soaked with oil, may spontaneously catch fire if improperty discarded. Immediatley after use, place the oil soaked material in a sealed water-filled metal container.

    Section 5. – Health Hazard Data

    Effects of Overexposure:
    A mild dermatitis may occur with prolonged contact if individual is sensitive; possible nausea upon injestion.

    Emergency and First Aid Procedures:
    Wash thoroughly with soap and water.

    Section 6. – Reactivity Data

    Stability:  Stable
    Conditions to Avoid:  Caustic Amines, Alkanolamines, Inorganic Acids
    Hazardous Decomposition Products:  Unknown if any
    Hazardous Polymerization:  Will not occur

    Section 7. – Spill or Leak Procedures

    Steps to be taken in case material is released or spilled:
    Confine with sand or other insert media. Return to containers. Dispose in accordance with local, state, & federal regulations.

    Waste Disposal Method:
    Call National Response Center 800-424-8802

    Section 8. – Special Protection Information

    Respiratory Protection: Not normally needed.

    Ventilation: Normal plant ventillation.

    Protective Gloves: Rubber or neoprene.

    Other Protective Equipment: Not normally needed.

    Eye Protection: Goggles as guard against splashing.


    The information in this MSDS was obtained from sources which we believe are reliable. However, the information is provided without any representation or warranty, expressed or implied, regarding its accuracy or corrections.

    The conditions of handling, storage, use and disposal of the product are beyond our control and may be beyond our knowledge. For this and other reason, we do not assume responsibility and expressly disclaim liability for loss, damage, or expense arising out of or in any way connected with the handling, storage, use of disposal of the product.