Blakely Island | Island Doug Fir FSC Flooring - 3/4" x 3 -1/4"

Douglas Fir - FSC
Unfinished Solid
3/4" x 3 1/4" face width x Random Lengths (10"- 72")
72" bundle lengths, not end-matched
24 square feet/box


Price: $167.76/box
Square Feet/Box: 24
Price per Square Foot: $6.99
Product ID: island fir
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Blakely Island | Island Doug Fir FSC Flooring - 3/4" x 3 -1/4"

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Blakely Island - Island Fir Flooring

Douglas Fir, Unfinished Solid Wood Flooring
3/4" x 3-1/4" x Random Lengths (10"- 72")

Product Details:

  • The Blakely Island Fir Flooring is a Select Grade of solid wood flooring.
  • Available in a 3 1/4" and a 5 1/4" face width.
  • Lengths vary from 10" to 72". It is these random lengths that allow us to utilize a high percentage of our flooring grade lumber with minimal waste.
  • Mixed Grain, 3/4" thick unfinished product and is not end matched.
  • The flooring stock is dried to 6% - 8% moisture content.
  • Final product is bundled and shrink-wrapped to maintain moisture content during shipping.

Douglas Fir flooring from Blakely Island is grown, selectively harvested, milled and manufactured on Blakely Island, WA. There is no substitute for the rich warm color of a seasoned Douglas Fir floor. If you are fortunate enough to live in the San Juan Island chain you know that the island grown Douglas Fir is much slower growing than the mainland Fir. This slower tree growth produces tighter growth rings and results in a much denser and heavier wood than its mainland cousin.

During a trees annual growing season it puts on two different types of wood. The spring wood is light colored, grows very fast and is very soft. The later season summer wood is much darker, grows very slow and is many times more dense than the spring wood. The slow growing Island Fir has a much higher ratio of summer wood to spring wood than its mainland cousin. These characteristics combined with responsible, sustainable forestry practices are why our FSCå¨ certified Blakely Island Fir Flooring is a great choice for your floor!


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