Cork PURE Glue Down Cork Flooring - UNFINISHED Natural

UNFINISHED Solid Glue Down Cork Flooring
12" x 24" (1/4" thick) / 300 x 600 mm (6 mm thick)
Made in Portugal



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Cork PURE Glue Down Cork Flooring


A traditional unfinished glue down cork flooring solution

Cork PURE is a traditional glue down cork flooring by Amorim, which assures you all the benefits that distinguish their cork products such as comfort, noise reduction, and energy cost savings. This is a cork floor created for those who want sustainability AND high performance in a glue down solution at an affordable price.

Solid Construction - the light color and pattern continue throughout the entire thickness of the plank so the floor can be sanded and refinished should high-traffic areas begin to show wear. 

Glue Down Installation - this style requires the use of a flooring adhesive. We strongly recommend Wicanders W-240, a water-based contact adhesive with ZERO-VOC's

On-Site Finishing - these cork planks require on-site finishing of 2-3 coats of water-based polyurethane.  We recommend a certified environmentally friendly low-emission product from Loba.


  • INSTALLATION: Glue down installation
  • FINISH: Unfinished - allows for on-site finishing to your exact specifications
  • CONSTRUCTION: Solid (homogeneous) cork tiles - can be sanded and refinished like solid hardwood floors for a lifetime of enjoyment
  • DIMENSIONS: 11 7/8" x 23 5/8" Tiles | 6 mm thickness | 19.375 sf/carton
  • HEALTHY INDOOR AIR QUALITY: Cork PURE floors comply with the strictest indoor air quality standards, with multiple environmental certificates to show for it including Blue Angel, TÜV PROFiCERT-product Interior, and Declare Label
  • CARBON NEGATIVE and CLIMATE POSITIVE: More carbon is removed from the atmosphere than emitted to produce these Cork PURE floors. PLUS, cork continues to retain COeven after it's been transformed into flooring.
  • BENEFITS: step sound reduction, warmth and comfort
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: Kitchen, basement, dining room, playroom, hallway, mudroom, bathrooms with showers

Glue Down Cork Flooring Installation - Adhesive and Sealer

Glue down cork flooring planks require the use of a flooring adhesive and 2-3 coats of a water-based polyurethane finish.  We strongly recommend Wicanders W-240, a water-based contact adhesive with ZERO-VOC's.  The adhesive is applied to both the cork plank and the subfloor. For a water-based polyurethane, we recommend Loba 2K Supra AT.

Read the installations instructions closely to prepare for the install, whether you're doing it yourself or hiring a professional.

DOWNLOAD INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS or view our Wicanders Glue Down Cork installation video below.

Cork Benefits - More Than Just a Beautiful Floor

Wicanders Cork flooring acts as a noise buffer Wicanders Cork flooring is warmer than hardwood or tile Wicanders Cork flooring is softer and more flexible, and more comfortable to walk on. Wicanders Cork flooring is


Natural Thermal Insulation

Walking Comfort

Impact Resistance

Cork acts as a noise buffer between the floor and the rooms underneath because of its acoustically insulating properties - reducing that noisy foot traffic sound up to 53%.  And cork easily cuts noise within a room as well. This is especially beneficial in apartments or other areas more susceptible to outer sounds. Optimal floor temperature throughout the year thanks to its ability to hold warmth.  It's thermal insulating properties create a barrier between the cold subfloor and the comfortable temperature of your home.  And BONUS...we've noticed the added benefit of energy cost savings because of it! Cork provides a unique comfort in movement, even when walking barefoot, due to its natural softness and flexibility. It's also very forgiving on your legs and back, which is why we like to put it in rooms where you may be standing for longer periods of time, like the kitchen. Or "cushy" as we like to call it.  Cork flooring has a long life span thanks to its elasticity and compressibility, which allows it to "give" without damaging the structure.  It literally springs back from hard impacts! That means Grandma's china has a much better chance of staying intact when dropped.

Why Cork?

Cork is extremely durable thanks to its resistance to moisture. Cork harvesting is an environmentally friendly process that's done without destroying a single tree Cork is a natural fire retardant and doesn't emit toxic gas during combustion Cork helps protect against allergies by not absorbing dust or mites



Fire Retardant


Cork has been used as flooring in buildings like the Harvard Law Library and the Library of Congress due to its durability.  It resists cracking & scuff marks and is airtight to gas and liquid, yet still breathable.  When properly maintained, cork flooring can last 40 years or more! Cork (or more accurately, bark) harvesting is an eco-friendly process that's done without cutting down or destroying a single tree.  And there are strict time limits on the extraction period. During its long lifetime - upwards of 200 years - the tree is continually regenerating bark, which makes the cork forest industry an ideal example of renewable production. Cork is also a natural fire retardant thanks to its unique cell structure and waxy, fire-resistant substance called suberin. It gives a very low conductivity to heat. And it burns without a flame and does not emit toxic gases during combustion. Cork is a great option for allergy sufferers because it's naturally mold and mildew resistant due to the waxy substance inherent in cork.  AND it's anti-microbial.  Cork is a healthy alternative to dust and allergen-collecting carpets.

How to Install Wicanders Glue Down Cork Flooring

How to Maintain Your Cork Flooring

Wicanders Cork flooring is a cinch to maintain. Simply sweep up any debris or loose dirt before wiping the floor with a damp (not soaking wet) mop or use a vacuum cleaner. For general spills, a damp mop will do the trick. For deep cleaning, use a mild pH neutral cleaner. 

Download Wicanders Cork Flooring Maintenance Guide

How to Repair Your Wicanders Glue Down Cork Floor

Repair the floor by removing only the damaged plank.

Download the repair instructions


Cork Pure 6 mm Glue Down Cork Floor - Unfinished
11.81" (300 mm)
23.62" (600 mm)
0.25" (6 mm)
Solid Glue Down
Square (no bevel)
Installation Method
Glue Down Installation
10 Year Residential Warranty
5 Year Light/Medium Commercial Warranty

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