QuietWalk Premium Underlayment

33.3' x 3' x 1/8"
100 Sq Feet per roll

** Please call for a shipping quote for more than 2 rolls. Due to the size and weight, this underlayment may need to ship on a pallet.


Price: $54.00/box
Price per Square Foot: $0.45
Square Feet/Box: 100
Product ID: quietpad100
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Min/Max Order: 1 / 2


QuietWalk Premium Underlayment for floating wood and laminate floor

100 sq ft per roll (1/8" x 3' x 33.3')

QuietWalk is available in 100 square foot "do-it-yourself" size rolls. Approved for use over radiant heated floors.

New Features

  • Increased absorbency & dissipation of moisture with added Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) that enhances moisture carrying capacity
  • Increased moisture barrier strength
  • Approved for use over radiant heated floors

Sound Absorption

  • QuietWalk® filaments are randomly air-laid creating a capillary affect to cushion the floor, absorb sound, and help make laminate floors sound more like real wood.
  • Sound Transmission Class (STC) = 54
  • Impact Insulation Class (IIC) = 58
  • Field Impact Insulation Class (F-IIC) = 60

Moisture Protection

  • When installed properly, QuietWalk® can wick sub-floor or incidental perimeter moisture and disperse it through the pad.
  • Moderate amounts of moisture will eventually dissipate over time by perimeter or sub-floor evaporation, provided the source of water such as a leak is stopped.

Smoothes out minor sub-floor imperfections

QuietWalk® is firm enough to support the overlaying floor, but flexible enough to form around sub-floor surface roughness that may otherwise cause laminate panels to “rock” or lay unevenly.


QuietWalk® is ideally priced as a quality upgrade from polyethylene or polystyrene film and is less than 1/2 the cost of either cork or rubber underlayment with similar sound numbers.

Adds insulation value

QuietWalk® will add an R-Value of .50 to the floor system.

Made From Recycled Materials

QuietWalk® is a “green” product, constructed (over 95%) with postindustrial/pre-consumer fibers, materials that may otherwise have been land filled.

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