Silicone Vapor Shield Underlayment Paper | 400/sf Roll

Hardwood Underlayment


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Silicone Vapor Shield Underlayment Paper  |  400/sf Roll

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All Globe Silicone Vapor Shield Underlayment

Silicone Vapor Shield is an underlayment in a class by itself. It has been tested under various conditions for its permeability and effectiveness for protecting hardwood against moisture.
SVS has been recognized and given accolades by various hardwood industry associations including Radiant Heat Association and also meets the recommendations of the NWFA.

Easy Install

Silicone Vapor Shield has two sides. One is a matte finish while the other has a smooth surface which allows installers to slide wood planks easily. Silicone Vapor Shield's white paper provides the perfect surface in order to have a clear visible chalk line so that an installer's work can remain accurate. The SVS underlayment doesn't leave a black residue on hands or walls which keeps the installers and their work area clean.

100% Recycled

All of the paper used for Silicone Vapor Shield has been re-purposed for an environmentally safe product made of 100% Recycled contents. Being environmentally responisible is just one way that All Globe is involved in making our Earth safe for generations to come.

Moisture Barrier

Silicone Vapor Shield is far-and-away the best rated underlayment paper for moisture protection. SVS also meets the recommended perm rating guidelines as set forth by the NWFA.

Protects Your Home

SVS is made with a silicone baked coating that does not contain any tar or tar-based ingredients. Tar based coatings in underlayments produce gasses and toxic fumes into our homes and offices.

Radiant Heat Tested & Approved

Radiant Panel Association lab tests have confirmed that SVS is suitable for use on radiant heated floors. They found that there was "no measurable resistance to heat transfer with the product. No odors were released from Silicone Vapor Shield when heated from 90F to 100F."

Won't Fall Apart

Silicone Vapor Shield is made of 6 mil. wet strength paper and has a baked Silicone coating that won't allow moisture to penetrate in to the hardwood flooring planks. Silicone Vapor Shield will not fall apart during installation like red rosin, craft paper or wax papers do.

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