Outstanding resources, especially for clients that are sensitive to chemicals in materials. Highly recommended to begin your interior design material needs!
Denise E.
It is great working with other businesses that are focused on changing the building standard to include high performance and sustainable building practices. The folks at Greenhome Solutions are doing an amazing job of supplying us exactly what we need to build a sustainable home that will be durable, comfortable and efficient. Our interactions are always pleasurable and we look forward to continuing our work with them in the future. Keep up the great work Greenhome Solutions!
Leah B.
We had a excellent experience working with Greenhome Solutions. Not only do they have a very good selection of environmentally friendly products, they compliment it with great customer experience. Tess went the extra mile in helping us design a custom pattern for our kitchen floor, while, co-owner Tyler Reith helped design and build a beautiful hardwood kitchen table. We do not hesitate to recommend Greenhome solutions to our friends and family.
Bill F
Awesome place. A must see if you are doing any projects. Great selection of products. Bound to see something you might like.
Julian I., Seattle, WA
GHS offers high quality products and service. If you are interested in sustainable and non-toxic flooring, countertops etc. and maybe some guidance/advice then this store may be what you need.
Tess at GHS has been helping us with our remodel of a 1920s kitchen since the planning stage. She came up with great ideas to re-arrange the (small) space and then assisted us in choosing countertops and flooring. GHS arranged the Paperstone countertop installer, who was incredible. Our project is turning out great with their products and assistance.
Jean P., Seattle, WA

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