I ordered slate through Greenhome Solutions. My order was placed promptly and I had no trouble with it at all. Great, friendly customer service made it easy to do over the phone.
Cynthia T., Seattle, WA
Great source of home building materials! I purchase cork flooring- I got a much higher quality cork flooring for the same price as a couple discount flooring places I researched. Customer service was great too! Check them out!
Emily L., Seattle, WA
We bought a house in May which needed a full kitchen remodel. After taking the entire kitchen down to studs and sub-floor, it was time to start thinking about design and cabinets.

Our representative for this project was Cara Davis, an in-house design consultant with Greenhome. Before getting into the details, let me just say that Cara was a top-notch member of our remodel team and an integral part of the success of our project. She is knowledgeable, responsive, energetic and an absolute pleasure to work with.

She provided modeling through CAD software that allowed us to get a really good sense of final design. We ordered all plywood cabinets through Canyon Creek.

I will readily admit that I can be a Type-A, detail oriented jerk, but when spending almost 13k on kitchen cabinets, I have high expectations. When the cabinets arrived, we had some issues with construction and quality, but Cara acted on our behalf and made sure all of our concerns were addressed. She got one cabinet replaced because there was a gap in one of the joints, and replaced another piece because the paint wasn't applied as consistently as I would have liked. All of this was done at no charge to me. She checked in at regular intervals and made sure we had everything we needed to complete our project.

When our appliances arrived, they fit the cabinetry perfectly. The oven slid into place within a 32nd of an inch. Our counter tops are so level round objects refuse to roll on them.

My experience with Greenhome is limited entirely to my interaction with Cara, but I will unequivocally recommend her for anyone looking to remodel, update, or enhance their kitchen. Projects are only as good as the team that works on them, and Cara is top-flight and certainly someone you want on your team.

I can't thank Cara enough for her assistance and am happy to provide before and after pictures as part of an expanded recommendation or reference.

Thanks Cara!
Lucas T., Seattle, WA
Greenhome Solutions is the oasis in the desert of eco flooring. When you go in, find Cameron. He has a thorough knowledge of all aspects, and brings a level of engagement and interest to your project that is truly rare. Today he saved me hours of time and a lot of money as I was headed in the wrong installment direction. Tess was my first contact on the phone and was a really supportive and helpful throughout my subsequent visit.

GHS also has all the non-toxic underlayment options and non-toxic glues right there on-site or easy pick-up.

First-rate people and place---Seattle is lucky to have them.
J J., Seattle, WA
I'm so glad I found Greenhome to order my wood floors through. They provided me the highest quality for the best price. My floors arrived today and look beautiful. Cameron was helpful and very pleasant and upfront. I'm glad I chose Greenhome, and would recommend them to anyone else looking for a great floor. (They also shipped to me in Southern California for a great price! So if you live far away and are scared of shipping costs, don't be! :))

Amy P., Carlsbad, CA

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