The Real Milk Paint Company | Citrus Solvent

A safer paint thinner alternative
Also an all natural way to thin Pure Tung Oil
Mix 1:1 with Tung Oil
Available in the following sizes: 16 oz, 32 oz, and 1 Gallon


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Natural Citrus Solvent - A Safer Paint Thinner Alternative

Available in 16 oz, 32 oz, and 1 Gallon sizes

An all natural way to thin tung oil. Will evaporate as it dries. Can also be used as an concentrated cleaner.

Natural Citrus Solvent by The Real Milk Paint Company is used as a direct replacement for mineral spirits and odorless mineral spirits. Citrus Solvent can be used wherever paint thinner or mineral spirits are required as a natural, safer alternative. Citrus Solvent is not the same as any of the other “citrus-branded” cleaning products on the market, including Citrus Solve or Citri-Solve. It is, however, an excellent degreaser, paint thinner alternative, and can be used to replace petroleum chemicals such as mineral spirits.

Citrus Solvent is 98% pure citrus peel oil extracted from the peel of the orange fruit; the other 2% is water. This small amount of water is emulsified in the solvent and will not raise wood grain but is released into the air as the solvent evaporates.

Benefits / Features

  • Can be used for degreasing - a safe alternative to mineral spirits.  Also works well for de-waxing.
  • Citrus Solvent works like paint thinner - it will evaporate like paint thinner but just a little bit slower. However, the fumes are much safer.
  • Safe to use on antique furniture.  Safe for almost all finishes except for some delicate water base films.
  • Does not contain any emulsions, surfactants, or any other additives that paint thinner products contain
  • Does not contribute to depletion of the upper ozone or smog like mineral spirits or paint thinner
  • The material released into the air by Citrus Solvent is essentially the same material that is continuously being released into the air in every orange grove and is gently returned to the earth with the rain
  • As clear as ordinary water as opposed to the deep orange of lower grades, which means that it will not add more amber color when mixed with our Pure Tung Oil
  • Unlike paint thinner, Citrus Solvent does not cause damage to the internal organs of the body when breathed in; instead, it passes through without effect.
  • Can be easily disposed of with no threat to the environment.

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