The Real Milk Paint Company | 100% Pure Tung Oil

All-natural, food safe, water resistant finish. Perfect for butcher block surfaces!
Available in the following sizes: 16 oz, 32 oz, and 1 Gallon


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Pure Tung Oil

Available in 16 oz, 32 oz, and 1 Gallon sizes

Enhance the character of wood with this all-natural water resistant finish

Pure Tung Oil is a hard drying oil that provides a lustrous and beautiful finish. It resists marring, penetrates well, and is environmentally friendly. Our is the purest, highest quality you’ll find. All natural, food safe, and creates a flat finish. FDA approved for food contact.

The Tung Oil offered by Real Milk Paint is a pure oil meaning it comes without any additives or distillates. Most other oils can be anything from a thinned down varnish to polymerized tung, and most have petroleum distillates added. Ours will not build a gloss finish or heavy finish, but will penetrate deeply into the wood to enhance character and water resistance while creating a great wood finish.

This makes their tung oil perfect for uses such as wood counter tops, bowls, butcher blocks, cutting boards, chopping blocks, outdoor furniture, decks, wood siding, wood flooring, concrete, brick and just about any porous surface that needs an environmentally friendly product.

They guarantee their Pure Tung Oil is ASTM Quality Tested to be light in color with the highest amount of reactive sites to ensure drying and a great wood finish. They use only the freshest, highest quality product. All of their Tung Oils are “fresh” pumped from a drum just before shipping.

Our oil is a natural “Honey” color. Cheaper grades are generally off-color or greenish. Other companies will not talk about the color oils are supposed to be because it’s their quality does not uphold. But color is important, you are using it to finish your wood so it makes sense that the way it looks plays a big part in the finish of your product..

Pure Tung Oil: A Beginner's Guide


  • Zero VOC's
  • All Natural means "Green"
  • Freshness Guaranteed (fresh pumped daily)!
  • Best Available, Grade 1 yellow
  • Naturally polymerizing finish
  • Cures by oxidation not evaporation
  • Does not form a glossy finish no matter the number of coats
  • Form a flexible water proof finish
  • Resists abrasion and acids
  • Does not blister and peel (properly applied)
  • Does not mold like linseed oil
  • Long shelf life (will last for years, properly sealed)
  • Does not darken with time like linseed oil
  • Concentrated (thin one to one, doubles the coverage)
  • Combined with "Citrus Solvent" makes an all natural finish
  • FDA approved for food contact


  • 16 oz. covers 50 sq. feet
  • 32 oz. covers 100 sq. feet
  • Gallon covers 400 sq. feet one coat
This is coverage for the oil only and not diluted with Citrus Solvent.

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