Greenhome Solutions is a family owned and operated green building product supplier based in Seattle, Washington. We are passionate about the environment, conservation, design, and sustainable building practices. With over 20 years in the construction industry, we pride ourselves not only on product knowledge, but also on installation techniques and knowing which green building materials are right for your project.
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Greenhome Solutions is the oasis in the desert of eco flooring. When you go in, find Cameron. He has a thorough knowledge of all aspects, and brings a level of engagement and interest to your project that is truly rare. Today he saved me hours of time and a lot of money as I was headed in the wrong installment direction. Tess was my first contact on the phone and was a really supportive and helpful throughout my subsequent visit. GHS also has all the non-toxic underlayment options and non-toxic glues right there ...read more
- J J., Seattle, WA
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