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Mafi Natural Wood Floors are custom-made for each client, exclusively in Austria, more by hand than by machine. They offer a deep portfolio of sustainable wood floor products to choose from that are: 100% wood, formaldehyde-free, finished with natural oil and nothing else. STABLE.  NATURAL.  HEALTHY.

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Healthy Interiors with mafi Natural Oiled Wood Floors

More than a floor, a healthy home. Considering the amount of time we spend indoors, it's more important than ever to pay attention to the origin and ingredients of the materials used in our indoor spaces. mafi natural wood floors are sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forests, are made from three solid wood layers, bonded with non-toxic glue, and finished with natural oil and some good ol' fashioned quality time.

  • Three solid wood layers
  • Bonded without formaldehyde
  • No VOC's (volatile organic compounds)
  • Finished with nothing more than natural, plant-based oils - no hard surface finishes, waxes, UV cured oils, paints or stains
  • Quality time - no drying accelerator is used in order to allow time for a deep penetration into the wood without leaving a layer on the surface.
  • Living Building Challenge Red List Free (learn more about The Red List)

ORDER PROCESS: Please call us at 888-447-9877 to start the mafi conversation with our in-house experts. We'll provide an initial overview and guidance for navigating the complete line so you can ultimately create your own individual mafi natural wood floor.

mafi Oak Country Vulcano brushed natural oil wood floors in a white, modern kitchen with a dark wood kitchen table and fuchsia pink accents

Strong Structure - mafi Symmetry Guarantees Stability

mafi natural wood floors are known for their stability. Aside from the surface finishing, the construction of a plank is the most important factor when it comes to a floor's longevity and durability. Their symmetrical 3-layer construction guarantees optimum stability. The symmetry refers to the visible top layer and the back or bottom layer consisting of the same wood and receiving the same thermal treatment, which significantly reduces the natural movement of the plank across the width.  The middle layer consists of Spruce, a softwood, positioned at 90° to the slats. The softwood provides for a bit of flexibility, reducing tension in the overall plank.

  • Three solid wood layers - both the top and bottom layers are made from the same wood and are given the same thermal treatment
  • The middle layer is a Spruce softwood cross-glued at 90°
  • Formaldehyde-free white glue is used to bond the layers
  • Ideal for installation over radiat heating
  • Wide range of applications, installation methods
  • Reduced risk of gaps or joints coming apart
  • Impressive sizes: lengths up to 16.4 feet long and 11.8 inches wide are available


mafi Swiss Stone Pine brushed natural oiled wood shown in a wall application in a natural spa setting

Connect to Nature with mafi Natural Wood Floors

mafi takes a biophilic approach to interior design - with a focus on health and wellness. Living with real hardwood, preferably barefoot, is as close to nature as you can get indoors.  mafi wood floors are processed naturally, without using artificial plastic barriers. This means that the surfaces of the wood (or the pores) are not sealed, instead they're kept open to allow the wood to breathe which regulates the room climate automatically.  Rather than a surface finish, mafi uses a thin layer of natural plant-based oils that dry naturally in the air without an accelerant and penetrate deeply into the wood.  mafi is a pioneer in sustainable and pollutant-free wood flooring. 

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Air-dried natural oils, no surface film
  • Open-pored surface allows an exchange of moisture
  • Regulates the room climate
  • Naturally oiled floors are warm to the touch, not cold or hard like plasticized surface layers
  • Filters pollutants out of the air, reduces airborne asthma triggers
  • Requires no hazardous cleaning agents, only water and soap

Product Overview

WOOD SPECIES: 13 Central European Types of Wood

COLLECTIONS: 10 Collections

SURFACE TREATMENTS: Brushed or Sanded Surfaces

The mafi portfolio runs from classic country house planks to serene structures that resemble the gentle swell of ocean waves.  Over the years, an unbelievable combination of possibilities have been created and it's not easy to sum them up in this overview: 13 Central European wood species, brushed or sanded surfaces, nature, white or gray oiled planks as well as colored putty filled knots and cracks.  The possibilities are endless...

"We produce to order, so you determine how your natural wood floors will look like."

ORDER PROCESS: Please call us at 888-447-9877 to start the mafi conversation with our in-house experts. We'll provide an initial overview and guidance for navigating the complete line so you can ultimately create your own individual mafi natural wood floor.
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