Tesoro Woods

Tesoro Woods, Beautifully Sustainable Flooring

Tesoro Woods (formerly known as EcoTimber) offers beautiful and truly eco-friendly wood flooring products by sourcing sustainable materials and using low-VOC finishes and glues, which minimize the impact on indoor air quality and your health.

They specialize in high-quality, well-milled domestic and exotic hardwood flooring products from sustainably managed forests and plantations, per the regulations of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC©).

Learn more about the sustainable sourcing certifications and the eco-friendly characteristics of Tesoro Woods' products in their Environmental Attribute Guide.

7/16" x 3" Rift White Oak Natural - CLEARANCE SALE! $4.99/SF
$282.85 $176.65/box   $4.99/sf
Natures Lodge FSC | 6" Rustic Hickory Desert - SALE $6.99/SF
$182.49 $146.79/box   $6.99/sf
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