Viken Hardwood Flooring

Viken and Valinge (now known as BJELIN) Hardened Wood Flooring - image of a child playing a game by throwing small but heavy metal toy balls onto a hardwood floor. The words hardened wood flooring are displayed prominently over the top of the photoHARDENED WOOD FLOORING - Welcome to the future of hardwood flooring. Our hardened real wood floors are built to withstand the test of time with a unique blend of revolutionary technologies. The wood for our super-strong and dent-resistant floors is sourced ethically and responsibly from FSC-certified European forests. Experience the unmistakable feel and luxury of an authentic wood floor combined with next-level durability and waterproofness.  REAL WOOD, BUT STRONGER.

Viken Hardened Wood Flooring with Woodura

Real Wood + Hardened Surface + Water Resistance

Real hardwood flooring featuring a patented Woodura® surface technology that strengthens the floor planks for outstanding impact and wear resistance. The result is a hardened wood surface that is 3 - 5 times stronger than traditional engineered and solid wood flooring. Pair that with Valinge's innovative 5G® Fold Down glueless locking system that also provides water resistance, and you have the next generation in Hardwood Flooring. 

Real Wood, But Stronger.
Real Wood, But Water Resistant.

We recommend this line of hardwood flooring as a sustainable and healthy alternative to luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring. The hardened wood technology combined with the enhanced water resistance makes for a real wood floor that stands up to kids, pets, and heels just as well as its vinyl counterpart, but without vinyl's added VOCs. 

"Hard to Dent, Easy to Install"

What's Woodura Surface Technology?

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Viken - 6" Hardened Wood Flooring | Earth Grey Oak
$136.03 $124.68/box   $5.49/sf
Viken - 6" Hardened Wood Flooring | Misty White Oak
$136.03 $124.68/box   $5.49/sf
Viken - 6" Hardened Wood Flooring | Natural Oak
$136.03 $124.68/box   $5.49/sf
Viken - 6" Hardened Wood Flooring | Powder White Oak
$136.03 $124.68/box   $5.49/sf
Viken - 6" Hardened Wood Flooring | Terra Brown Oak
$136.03 $124.68/box   $5.49/sf
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