Cork PURE (Glue-Down)

Glue-Down Cork Flooring: All the unique qualities of cork make it ideal to use in flooring: it provides walking comfort + noise reduction + optimal floor temperature + durability + a healthy indoor air environment while also being a natural, renewable and sustainable resource. We love glue-down cork for potentially wetter areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms

Glue Down Cork Flooring Tiles

Sustainable and healthy cork flooring in a glue-down solution for high traffic and high moisture areas.

There's nothing like the feel of cork flooring under your feet. And our glue down cork flooring has extraordinary comfort, even when walking barefoot. The secret is in the structure of cork, where there are millions of microscopic pockets of air that allow for expansion and compression. So cork "gives" and springs back - which means it's more flexible and forgiving on your legs and back. It's also quiet as it absorbs both foot traffic sound and sound between rooms. Plus, cork naturally provides an optimal floor temperature that you'll enjoy all year round.

In addition to these benefits, our Amorim and Wicanders cork flooring is the Best In Class in indoor air quality, proven with eco-certifications such as Green Guard Gold, TUV, Blue Angel, BREEAM, and the French A+ label for both content and VOC emission levels.

And if sustainability is as important to you as it is to us, you'll be glad to know that cork harvesting is remarkably sustainable. The tree is never damaged or cut down in order to extract the cork and the bark starts to regenerate after each harvest. Made in Portugal, the cork in our flooring is 100% natural and fully biodegradable, renewable and recyclable.

Best of all, glue down cork flooring goes where most other floating cork can't -- bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and mud rooms. While they may not be as easy to install as floating floors, our glue down cork floors are worth it - they're durable, comfortable and good-looking!


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To go more in depth into the benefits of cork, visit our GUIDE TO CORK FLOORING or REACH OUT to learn more. We're your cork flooring experts!

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Cork PURE Glue Down Cork Flooring - Identity Graphite
$425.40 $352.08/box   $4.13/sf
Cork PURE Glue Down Cork Flooring - Identity Natural
$425.40 $352.08/box   $4.13/sf
Cork PURE Glue Down Cork Flooring - Originals Graphite
$425.40 $352.08/box   $4.13/sf
Cork PURE Glue Down Cork Flooring - Originals Moonlight
$425.40 $352.08/box   $4.13/sf
Cork PURE Glue Down Cork Flooring - Originals Natural
$425.40 $352.08/box   $4.13/sf
Cork PURE Glue Down Cork Flooring - Personality Graphite
$425.40 $352.08/box   $4.13/sf
Cork PURE Glue Down Cork Flooring - Personality Natural
$425.40 $352.08/box   $4.13/sf
Cork PURE Glue Down Tiles [Prefinished] - Identity Moonlight 6mm
$116.99 $106.39/box   $4.99/sf
Cork PURE Glue Down Cork Flooring - UNFINISHED Natural
$319.12 $290.04/box   $4.99/sf
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