Valinge - Hardened Wood Flooring | Natural Oak

Prefinished Engineered Hardwood Flooring
100% Real Wood, But Stronger - 3X Stronger than Traditional Wood Floors
Installs Faster & Stronger with 5G® Fold Down Locking System
Water Resistant Locking System and Composite Core

  • XL: 8.1" x 86.6" Planks (0.44" thick) - 19.51 SF/Carton

  • XXL: 10.7" x 93.6" Planks (0.44" thick) - 20.81 SF/Carton


Price: $126.62/box
Price per Square Foot: $6.49 - 7.49
Square Feet/Box: 19.51 or 20.81
Product ID: VAL-347027
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Valinge Hardened Wood Flooring with Woodura

Real Wood + Hardened Surface + Water Resistance

Real hardwood flooring featuring a patented Woodura® surface technology that strengthens the floor planks for outstanding impact and wear resistance. The result is a hardened wood surface that is 3 - 5 times stronger than traditional engineered and solid wood flooring. Pair that with Valinge's innovative 5G®  fold down glueless locking system that also provides water resistance, and you have the next generation in Hardwood Flooring. 

Real Wood, But Stronger.
Real Wood, But Water Resistant.

We recommend this line of hardwood flooring as a sustainable and healthy alternative to luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring. The hardened wood technology combined with the enhanced water resistance makes for a real wood floor that stands up to kids, pets, and heels just as well as its vinyl counterpart, but without vinyl's added VOCs. 

"Hard to Dent, Easy to Install"


  • 100% REAL WOOD: The beauty of real wood - Oak, Ash, and Walnut
  • REAL WOOD, BUT STRONGER: The hardened Woodura surface is significantly stronger - 3X stronger than traditional wood floors
  • WATER RESISTANT: The 5G® Dry™ installation system prevents water from making its way into the plank seams
  • EASIER & FASTER DIY INSTALLATION: 5G® Fold Down install system is the fastest and easiest around - with a visible locking function that "clicks", letting you know that it's securely locked into place.
  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: Suitable for high-traffic areas in your home as well as commercial areas (10-year commercial warranty)
    • 8 1/4 x 87" Planks (206 mm x 2200 mm) | 7/16" thickness (11.2 mm) | 19.51 SF / Carton
    • 10 3/4 x 94" Planks (271 mm x 2378 mm) | 7/16" thickness (11.2mm) | 20.81 SF / Carton
  • HEALTHY: GREENGUARD GOLD Certified, E1 Certified, and CARB Phase 2 Compliant
  • VERSATILE: Valinge Hardened Wood can convert flooring to wall paneling with the 5G® Climb™ installation system

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100% Real Wood

100% Real Wood - Oak or Ash with natural imperfections knots and streaks. You won't find any vinyl with "wood looks" here!

3X Stronger Impact Resistance

Highest impact (dent & gouge) resistance. Outperforms traditional solid and engineered hardwood floors.

Water Resistant & Worry Free

5G® Dry water resistant technology with a high moisture resistance Compositek core

XXL Plank Dimensions

Up to 11" wide x 8' long.
No random lengths. Unparalleled performance, aesthetics & pricing in the wide plank category.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Get 10X more flooring out of the raw material than traditional wood floors.

Install Faster, Easier & Stronger

5G® Locking System allows up to 2x faster installation. Strongest locking strength in its class (floating & glue)


Real hardwood flooring for significantly less than traditional engineered or solid wood flooring.

Worry-Free Warranty

Residential: Limited Lifetime
Commercial: 10 Year Light Commercial

Above/On/Below Grade

Install Areas: Suitable for installation in most commercial and residential applications, except humid and wet areas.

Floor & Wall Applications

5G® Climb™ converts flooring to (glueless) wall covering.

Woodura® - Real Wood but Stronger

Flooring with Woodura surface provides outstanding impact and wear resistance. It protects against indents from things like dropped objects or heeled shoes. As well as wear marks that can appear from children's toys or running pets. Valinge real wood floors are 3-5 times stronger compared to traditional hardwood floors.

5G® Fold Down Installation

5G® glueless locking system is recognized the world over as the fastest & easiest installation system. When the floor plank is folded down, a flexible tongue is pushed into a tongue groove. You will actually hear it emit a "click" sound as it securely locks into place. It's the strongest locking system in its class (floating and glue).

5G® Dry™
Water Resistant & Worry-Free

5G® Dry™ technology provides enhanced water resistance by preventing water from penetrating the seams of the flooring planks. Have peace of mind that your hardwood flooring can withstand your busy lifestyle complete with kids, pets, and the everyday unavoidable spills and messes that come with it.

Finish & Warranty - Hardened Wood with Woodura® Surface

The Woodura® surface technology combined with the UV cured acrylic coated protective layer provides the floor with outstanding dent and gouge resistance. It's hardened to be 3 times stronger than traditional wood. And the UV cured surface finish is warm and natural to the touch, easy to clean, scratch resistant, and requires no refinishing.

It's suitable for virtually every room in your home - it stands up to your heaviest home traffic and even light commercial areas. It carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty for residential areas and a 10-year warranty for commercial use.

Valinge Multilayer Construction with Woodura® Surface

The Woodura® surface technology is based on fusing a thin sheet of wood (2) onto a wood fiber core (4), then through powder mix layers (3) and (5). The powder mix perfectly fills up the natural openings of the wood and enhances the wood's appearance. With high pressure and temperature, the plank is hardened, resulting in an extremely durable, hardened wood surface that is 3-5X stronger than traditional wood flooring.

  1. UV cured coating
  2. Natural oak, ash, or walnut wood layer
  3. Wood-based powder layer
  4. Compositek® moisture-resistant core
  5. Wood-based powder layer
  6. Wood veneer backing layer

Installation System - Install Faster, Easier & Stronger 

5G® is the Valinge brand for their globally recognized Fold Down Installation System. No gluing or nailing is required. All you need to install the Valinge hardwood floor planks is one person, one pair of hands, and a single movement. 5G® significantly reduces install time -  whether you're a pro or you DIY.

5G® Dry™ technology prevents water from penetrating the seams of the hardwood flooring planks, providing enhanced water resistance.

When combined, the 5G® install system and the 5G® Dry™ technology save you valuable time and give you peace of mind.

  • Significant time savings and easy DIY installation
  • Visible and audible locking function
  • Strongest locking strength in its class (floating & glue)
  • Simply fold the plank down, and lock it into place
  • No gaps, no unevenness, and no squeaking!
  • 5G® Dry™ provides enhanced water resistance
  • Can also be glued down

Care and Maintenance for Valinge Hardened Wood Flooring

Valinge floors are a cinch to maintain! For day-to-day dirt and dust, use mainly dry methods, such as a microfiber cloth, dust mop, or vacuum cleaner. To clean the floors, use a microfiber cleaning pad together with a pH-neutral cleaner meant for lacquered floors (for example, Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner).

Tip: a magic eraser melamine cleaning sponge typically removes the most common stains.


  • Don't use a floor steam cleaner since the steam might affect the otherwise water-resistant surface.
  • No need to use excessive water when cleaning, such as a wet mop with a bucket.



Hardened Wood with Woodura
XL: 8.11" (206 mm) or
XXL: 10.7" (271 mm)
XL: 86.6" (2200 mm) or
XXL: 93.6" (2378 mm)
0.44" (11.3 mm)
Wear Layer Thickness
0.02" (0.6 mm)
UV Cured Acrylic
Engineered - Wood Surface w/ Cured Wood Composite Core & Birch Backing
Installation Method
Floating or Glue Down Installation
Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty
10 Year Light/Medium Commercial Warranty

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