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Lunawood Thermowood Sustainably Modified Hardwood for Decking and Cladding

Lunawood ThermoWood®

Thermally Modified + Dimensionally Stable + Nordic Pine & Spruce

Innovative Lunawood Thermowood is a truly natural and long-lasting wood modified using only natural methods - heat and steam - without chemicals. The sustainable Nordic timber's durability and stability are improved significantly through the patented non-toxic production method. This allows Lunawood to be used for all decorative surfaces - both indoors and out - and in all climates. And the best part? It's extremely low maintenance and doesn't require surface treatments or chemical preservatives in any climate, even the most challenging ones. That's because Lunawood does not react to changes in humidity and retains its original shape better than untreated wood. When left untreated, it gradually develops a beautiful silver color.  

Real Wood, From Renewable and Certified Nordic Forests.
100% Chemical-free Modification Process.
A Truly Sustainable, Durable, Stable and Naturally Beautiful Alternative to Tropical Hardwoods.


  • 100% REAL WOOD: Only the best Nordic PEFC-certified wood from renewable and well-managed forests is used to create Lunawood.
  • REAL WOOD, BUT MORE DURABLE: Lunawood Thermowood is thermally modified at 212ºC to improve the raw material wood's durability and stability significantly.

  • OUTDOOR & INDOOR USE: Lunawood is suitable for internal and external applications without the need for chemical treatments to preserve it. Can even be used in humid spaces like a spa or sauna.

  • HEALTHY - NON-TOXIC & RESIN FREE: Since only heat and steam are used to produce it, Lunawood Thermowood's total emissions are significantly lower than untreated wood (0.04 mg/m2h). The products are pure, safe, and hygienic even for allergy sufferers prone to wood-related reactions. Does not secrete or leak any resin or produce harmful indoor air emissions.

  • DECKING & CLADDING: Greenhome offers Lunawood Thermowood for decking, featuring their hidden fixing clip system for an install without visible screws. And you'll find tongue & grooved exterior cladding as well as a batten-look product suitable for outdoor or indoor use.

  • LOW MAINTENANCE: Does not require surface treatment in any climate. When left untreated, it gradually develops a silver-gray color

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100% Real Wood

100% Real Wood - beautiful Nordic pine and spruce from renewable forests nearby Lunawood's Finland mills.

Dimensionally Stable

Significantly improved dimensional stability. Lunawood retains its original shape far better than untreated wood.


The health benefits of wood affect our mental and physical states. Lunawood on decorative surfaces increases comfort and improves well-being.


Certified wood from renewable forests located close to the mill. Minimal environmental impact. Long life cycle allows for long-term CO2 storage. 100% recyclable.

Certified Quality

Trademarked ThermoWood® products are produced using a patented and annually audited process supervised by an independent third party.

Low Maintenance

Lunawood doesn't require surface treatment even in the most challenging climates. When left untreated, it gradually develops a silver patina.

For All Climates

Proven to work well in all climates - even in hot and humid weather conditions. Does not react to changes in humidity.

Pure Material

A truly natural product without any chemicals. No harmful indoor air emissions or resin leakage even at the highest temperatures.

Pleasant Features

A delight to all of the senses: the touch and feel, appearance and scent are sophisticated, yet natural.


Designed and manufactured in Finland. Lunawood is a pioneer and global market leader in decorative wood solutions.

Lunawood Thermowood Process Video


Lunawood Thermowood makes for an outstanding decking material due to its stability and durability. The Luna Profix hidden fixing clip enables quick and easy installation of the deck and creates a clean and elegant appearance without visible screws.


Nordic Spruce Thermowood cladding panels give a rustic look to your exterior or interior projects. They can be installed vertically or horizontally, with visible screws or hidden nailing. The tongue and grooved profiles make install quick and easy.

Batten-Look Products

Deep grooves create a batten look for these tongue and grooved panels that are modern and fresh. They allow long horizontal and vertical outlines that are extremely dimensionally stable. The uses are endless: decorative surfaces both inside and out, soffits, even for saunas and spas. 

Lunawood's Sustainability Story

Sustainability is at the heart of Lunawood's operations, from the sourcing of raw materials to the whole product life cycle.

Certified Raw Material

Lunawood's pine and spruce raw material comes from well-managed Nordic forests that are harvested in a legal manner and where regeneration is ensured. And their chain of custody certification provides independent verified assurance of that. This works hand in hand with the world's largest forest certification system, PEFC, which ensures that forests are managed in a sustainable manner. 

In Finland, they only cut 75% of the annual growth and whenever one tree is cut, four new seedlings are planted, which means the forests grow at a faster rate than they are used. And more carbon is stored than is emitted.

Long Life Cycle

Lunawood's trademarked ThermoWood® products are produced using a patented and independently audited process that thermally modifies the timber without chemicals. This process provides Thermowood with exceptional durability and dimensional stability, both of which ensure a long life cycle and long-term storage of CO2.

Lunawood is a truly sustainable, durable, stable and naturally beautiful alternative to chemically treated wood and tropical hardwoods.



PEFC is the world’s largest forest certification system. PEFC certification demonstrates that forests are managed in a sustainable manner.

Int'l KOMO Certification

The KOMO certificate confirms that Lunawood Thermowood meets the quality requirements set for their biological durability and production.

Made in Finland (Avainlippu)

All Lunawood Thermowood products are designed and manufactured in Finland.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a voluntary ecolabelling scheme that evaluates a product’s impact on the environment throughout the whole life cycle.

Int'l ThermoWood Association

Finotrol Oy awards a certificate to companies that meet the quality requirements set forth by the Int'l ThermoWood Association.


BRE concluded that the expected service life for LunaThermo-D will be 30 years when following manufacturer’s guidance and best practices.

The CE Marking

The CE marking is the declaration that the product is in conformity with the EU requirements that apply to it.

Eco Compass

The EcoCompass certificate demonstrates Lunawood's commitment to continuously improving and complying with the 10 criteria of EcoCompass.

The Natural Graying of Lunawood Thermowood

Thermal modification gives Lunawood a rich brown color and outstanding durability in all climate conditions. Because the modification alters the wood's properties, Lunawood does not require surface treatments to ensure a long life-cycle. You can simply let the wood naturally and gradually gray into a beautiful silver color. That makes it even more of a sustainable choice - no maintenance with oils, tints or paints. The final shade of gray will vary from pure silver gray to a lighter rustic tone, depending on the construction and the climate conditions it has been exposed to, especially the sun's UV radiation.

The weathered graying does not affect the technical properties of the product. As Lunawood's brown color starts to fade over time due to the effect of weather conditions, it continues to maintain its high-performance properties.

Image showing the same building in Denmark 3 years apart to demonstrate the natural graying of Lunawood Thermowood over time

Design Tools for Professionals

Lunawood's design tools make it easy to choose the right product. Create realistic visualizations with Lunawood's BIM objects and rendering images.

The professional design tools are available free of charge at lunawood.com.

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