Lunawood Cladding - Luna Femma 1x6 [Batten-Look]

Sustainable Thermally Modified Wood 3D Cladding
Five-Finger Shaped 3D-Look for Decorative Surfaces
Planed Surface
Tongue and Grooved Panel, Straight Edge
Durable and Dimensionally Stable
Light and Easy to Work With
Suitable for All Climates
Low Maintenance - Does Not Require Surface Treatments
LENGTH: 13 - 18 ft
SPECIES: Nordic Spruce
INSTALL: Visible screws or hidden nailing

> 1 x 6 Panel (Actual Size 1" x 5-3/5")

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Lunawood ThermoWood® 3D Cladding - Luna Femma 1 x 6 (1" x 5-3/5")

Luna Femma 1x6 is a premium Thermowood finger panel product for interior paneling and other decorative surfaces. The five fingers were crafted with a modern twist: 10 mm grooves and flattened tops. The Luna Femma 1x6 profile gives a 3D look with an easy-to-assemble tongue and grooved panel. The panels allow long horizontal and vertical outlines that are extremely dimensionally stable and suitable for all climates.

Sourced from PEFC-Certified Nordic forests, Lunawood ThermoWood brushed cladding is a sustainable alternative to Ipe and other tropical hardwoods. Lunawood cladding is engineered to handle the harshest of conditions and last for decades. The chemical-free Thermal modification process transforms Spruce into a highly stable and durable hardwood and makes ideal siding and paneling material for even the most challenging applications, where most wood materials won't perform. Lunawood does not require surface treatments, which makes it a truly sustainable choice and the unfinished surface turns beautifully silver gray over time.

  • Sustainable Thermowood product from Finland
  • Easy to assemble – a tongue and grooved panel
  • 100% Chemical-free and safe product for interiors
  • Durable and Dimensionally stable
  • Suitable for all climates
  • Low maintenance - does not require surface treatments when installed according to the instructions
  • Evenly fades to a silver-gray patina when left unfinished
  • Resin-free, even in high temperatures like saunas or spas.

Available Profile

Profile Image of Lunawood ThermoWood Cladding - Luna Femma 1x6

1 x 6 Luna Femma 3D Cladding Profile

Actual Dimensions: 1" x 5 3/5"
Lengths: 13-18'

Lunawood Technology - The Modification Process


  • Pre-drill the screw holes when mounting is less than 2-3/4" from the end of the profile. This avoids the risk of cracks during installation
  • Always use Stainless Steel screws when installing Lunawood
  • Leave enough space around Lunawood to secure sufficient air ventilation.


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Lunawood Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
Lunawood ThermoWood Brochure
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