Cavan Carpet

100% Wool Carpet
Available in Undyed Wool, Naturally Colored Wool, or New Zealand Wool

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Cavan Carpet

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Cavan Wool Carpet

Cavan uses the best products found in nature and combine them with a one-of-a-kind human touch to produce unique, luxurious handmade products with a stunning look and feel. Using only fine, long staple wool, Cavan Carpets products will give you years and years of softness, luxury and enjoyment.

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Why Buy Wool Carpet?

From the longevity of the product, to the health benefits that wool carpet gives, nothing compares to a high quality wool carpet or rug, and Cavan Carpets uses the very best in fine, handmade wool materials.

Health Benefits

Wool is a non-allergenic material that prevents the growth of bacteria or dust mites. Wool also does not give off harmful odors or off-gas like many synthetic materials.

Environmental Benefits

Natural & Renewable
Wool is a natural protein grown directly from sheep without the use of chemicals. A sheep will continue to grow wool its entire life.


Sheep graze on grass and other renewable vegetation. Wool is produced as a result of this healthy, renewable diet.

Unlike synthetic materials which will take years upon years to biodegrade, wool will biodegrade in a much shorter amount of time when placed in the soil and give back to the earth the nutrients that allowed it to grow in the first place.


Feels Soft and Comfortable For Walking, Standing or Sitting
The natural characteristics of wool will give owners of wool carpet a soft, comfortable area to walk, stand, sit and play no matter how the carpet is constructed. Cut pile and loop construction provide a soft stable area for years of comfort and enjoyment.

Controls Temperature

Wool is cool to the touch but maintains warmth in during the colder months and prevents heat from coming in through the floor in the warmer months.
In addition, wool absorbs moisture from the air to reduce humidity and releases it back into the air during times of dryness.


Resists Burning
Wool in its natural form is a fiber that has the ability to absorb moisture from the air without causing it to feel wet. For this reason, wool has a very high threshold for ignition. If an open flame were to touch wool, the individual fibers would char and the flame extinguish itself instead of spreading. For this reason, wool is very widely on transportation vehicles including aircraft, trains and marine vessels.

Resists Static

The moisture within wool fibers allows it to resist both the buildup of static electricity when touched and the transfer of static electricity from one item to another. Sensitive individuals will benefit from being able to enjoy their wool carpet without the fear of static buildup.

Resists Slipping

Unlike many synthetic fibers that have a completely smooth edge, wool fibers are covered with microscopic fibers that actually provide grip to those walking on it. Even if walking on wool with wet shoes or bare feet, the natural characteristics of the wool fibers prevent slips and falls.

Low Maintenance

The microscopic fibers on the outermost layer of wool trap dirt particles before they become buried deep within the carpet. When vacuumed properly and regularly, the dirt particles are released leaving a clean carpet.


Goods made from wool are naturally water-repellent because the surface of wool has a very thin layer of waxy, lipid coating that is chemically bonded to the surface. This bonded layer covers the overlapping scales on the surface of the fibers and cannot be easily removed by scouring, washing or processing.

Easy To Clean

Compared to other materials used in floor covering, wool is very easy to clean. Regular vacuuming, addressing spills and heavy soiling as soon as possible, and professional cleaning every 1-2 years will keep your wool carpets looking beautiful for many years.

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