Kebony Natural Wood

Kebony is Natural Wood, Made to Last - ebony® is enhanced sustainable wood cladding and decking for long-lasting projects. FSC® certified, Kebony wood is treated with a natural formula that transforms it into a strong & resistant product. The best part? It requires no maintenance & becomes more beautiful every year.

Kebony modified and sustainable wood decking is maintenance freeKebony wood's hardness level is increased to levels of the best hardwoodsKebony wood is FSC certified and eco-friendlyKebony wood is refined and beautiful. It develops a natural silver-gray patina after exposure to sun and rain.

Kebony is natural, beautiful wood that's sustainable, durable and low maintenance. Developed in Norway, the Kebony technology is an environmentally-friendly process that permanently transforms FSC® certified wood species, like pine, into decking and cladding products that perform as well as - and in some cases better than - precious tropical hardwoods. The result is an enhanced real wood product with premium hardwood characteristics and a rich brown color that will patina to a silver-gray over time. And Kebony wood comes with a 30 year warranty for a guaranteed long life and peace of mind.

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