Kebony Clear RAP Decking - FSC Certified | 2" x 6"

FSC® certified Monterey Pine (Pinus Radiata)
Treated with a bio-based liquid to enhance strength, hardness and durability.
Actual Dimensions: 1 1/2” x 5-1/2” net (2" x 6")
Lengths: 10', 12', 14', 16'

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Kebony FSC Certified Clear RAP 2 x 6 Boardwalk Decking - sustainable, durable and virtually maintenance free

Kebony Decking is sourced from FSC®-certified forests, and engineered to handle the harshest of conditions. This Kebony Clear product is made from Pinus Radiata and treated with a bio-based liquid for a hardwood-like durability and a rich deep brown color. Whether you maintain that original color or let Kebony Clear naturally patina to a silver-gray, your project will amaze for decades to come.

What is Kebony?

Kebony is beautiful, sustainable and durable wood recommended by leading architects that requires no maintenance beyond normal cleaning. 

This Kebony clear grade decking is made from FSC® Certified Pinus Radiata (Monterey Pine), which has been treated with a bio-based liquid. The patented Kebony® technology is an environmentally friendly process developed in Norway that results in a unique wood product with outstanding durability and an exclusive smooth appearance.  The process permanently modifies the wood cell walls which give the product premium hardwood characteristics and a rich brown color that will turn to silver gray patina over time. 

After exposure to sun and rain the wood develops a natural silver-gray patina shown here:

After exposure to the elements, the wood develops a natural silver-gray patina which requires minimal maintenance over time
Natural weathering process shown over time

Kebony decking shown before and after silver-gray patina. This picture shows how the elements have given the wood a beautiful patina over time.
This shows how the elements have given the wood a silver-gray patina,
while maintaining its high-performance properties.


  • Real Wood
  • Low Maintenance - no additional treatment needed beyond normal cleaning
  • Hard, durable, stable - hardness levels increased to levels of the best hardwoods
  • Safe & Non-Toxic - No toxins or harmful substances
  • Guaranteed Long Life - 30 year warranty
  • Sustainable and FSC® Certified
  • Homogeneously treated and can be sanded, brushed, or cross-cut to length as required.
  • Outstanding Stability

The Kebony technology enhances the natural properties of sustainable Pine with a bio-based liquid and adopts these premium characteristics.

Uses of Kebony Wood

Kebony is great for any external, above-ground applications where durability, sustainability and low maintenance are important, such as:
  • Decking
  • Terrace
  • Cladding
  • Facade and Roofing

Benefits of Kebony Wood

Kebony is Real Wood

Kebony is high-quality, real Monterey Pine. No composite and 100% organic. Kebony decking is produced from sustainably sourced lumber and the only addition is a bio-based liquid that, when added to the wood fibers, enhances and strengthens the wood's cell structure.

Refined and Beautiful

Kebony's CLEAR grade wood is smooth and silky with an initial deep brown color that will develop a natural silver-gray patina, gradually over a few months. Of course the graying process all depends on the exposure to sunlight and precipitation, both of which accelerate the graying. The wood may be treated with oil, in order to retain the original color as long as possible. Staining or painting will reduce the graying effect or completely change the color.

Maximum Hardness and Stability

The Kebony process significantly increases the wood's hardness and dimensional stability. However, it's still a natural product which means there will be some swelling and shrinkage due to changes in relative humidity.

Hardness, durability & maximum movement:
Hardness and durablity chart for Kebony wood decking

High Resistance to Decay and Pests

Kebony is highly resistant to fungi, rot, insects and other wood destroying microorganisms. It's ideal for all outdoor decking and cladding applications thanks to its high resistance and its durability rating of one, which is the best! As a result, Kebony is able to offer an outdoor lifetime warranty against rot for 30 years in above-ground usage.

Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly

Kebony wood is not toxic to humans and has no harmful effects on the environment. The wood doesn't splinter and contains no toxins or chemicals. It's safe for all decking, and the wood doesn't get too hot in the summer.

Kebony wood boards can be burnt like regular, untreated wood, and won't release any other components than those released when burning untreated wood. It can also be disposed of and recycled in the same manner as untreated wood.

Sustainably Harvested

Kebony Clear RAP decking is FSC®-certified and the raw materials are sourced from commercially managed forests with large timber harvests. All of the suppliers hold certificates guaranteeing the origin of their timber.

Kebony Technology

The Kebony technology is an eco-friendly, patented process that permanently modifies the wood by forming stable, locked-in furan polymers in the wood cell walls, enhancing the properties of sustainable softwood and giving Kebony premium hardwood characteristics as well as a rich brown color.

Kebony uses a plant-derived waste product called furfuryl alcohol, which is produced from agricultural crop waste. The bio-based liquid enhances the wood's strength and durability.

Step 1: Impregnation

Impregnation is the process in which the wood is soaked in a bio-based liquid (the plant-derived waste product), furfuryl alcohol, to make it dimensionally stable wood.

Step 2: Curling and Drying

After the wood is soaked in the bio-based liquid, the wood is heated. This step is referred to as the curing step because the polymerisation of the liquid occurs and that polymer is permanently locked into the wood cells. It won't disintegrate or leak out of the wood.

Step 3: Kebony Wood

The resulting wood product has outstanding stability, hardness and a guaranteed long life due to the stable, locked-in polymers that increased the thickness of the wood cell walls by 50%. Kebony wood is also safe - it does not splinter, nor does it contain toxins or chemicals. It also maintains a comfortable temperature in the summer by not getting too hot to the touch.
Kebony is resistant against decay, fungi and insects in above-ground installations. It's also requires no maintenance or additional treatments beyond normal cleaning.

Kebony technology consists of three steps to give the wood premium hardwood characteristics and a rich brown color.


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